Digital rebranding is a combination of digital branding and rebranding.

Digital branding is how you design and build your brand online through websites, apps, social media, video, and more.” -99 Designs

Rebranding is the creation of a new look and feel for an established product or company.” -TechTarget

Digital rebranding is the process of building digital assets so that customers and prospects can find your brand across digital channels.

The best part of digital rebranding – it’s about expanding your brand online, not changing it. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on graphic design, a new website, or new marketing materials. Digital rebranding efforts focus on increasing your brand’s reach across digital platforms to meet your customers and prospects wherever they are.

Is your website dated? Is the messaging wrong for your target audience? For most companies, a “partial” rebrand will work for the purposes of digital rebranding. With a partial rebrand, you can make a few changes to key website pages, messaging, and a few design updates. Digital rebranding will empower your brand’s messaging across the web.

Is it time to begin digital rebranding efforts?

  • Is your company “MIA” on certain social media networks, groups, or forums that are gaining in popularity? (Don’t worry, I’m not referring to TikTok, unless you’re in the food & beverage, beauty, or fashion industry…)
  • When you type your brand name or industry keywords into a search engine, do competitor listings show up on page one of the SERP?
  • If someone types a hashtag phrase associated with your industry into Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, will they find your competitors?

If you answered YES to at least two of those questions above, it’s time for digital rebranding. According to Pew Research, only 10% of adults in America do not use the internet. For both B2C and B2B brands, having a digital presence is no longer an option.


Perhaps your company shows up for branded searches, but what about key products and services?



In 2016, IGEL Technology embarked on a significant North American expansion strategy. As part of the expansion project, the new President and CEO for IGEL North America, Jed Ayres, initiated a digital rebranding for online assets and an expansion of social media channels. Not only do all social cover images serve as announcements for the company’s latest news and contests, their entire team participates in an employee engagement social media campaign. Strong digital rebranding plus content amplification has helped IGEL move forward quickly and move from 7th to 3rd in the U.S. Thin Client Marketplace in just under three years.

In addition to the digital rebranding on TwitterLinkedInFacebook, and YouTube, and employee engagement efforts, IGEL offers industry expertise and collaboration through a Community Slack Channel.


Founded in 1991, The CSI Group faced the challenge of combining digital marketing services with brand marketing services as the internet began replacing print advertising.

The CSI Group created categories on their website to reflect the new dynamics of the digital age while incorporating the pillars of luxury marketing – outstanding product photography, in-store displays, and graphic design.

While The CSI Group will work with brands all over the world, they focus on New York City and surrounding areas. Their Facebook pageTwitter account, and LinkedIn page show their geographic focus without saying a word.


Petmate does an incredible job of maintaining their wholesome, reliable, trusted brand name in a competitive marketplace. They’ve successfully distinguished themselves from similar-named brands like Petsmart and Petco. Their social media channels leave no doubt about what they sell and who they sell to. In a world of digital noise, the Petmate digital rebrand leaves audience members with a clean, concise message that is easy to follow and distinguish.


If the majority of your digital rebranding efforts are focused on social media, use this guide from Search Engine Journal.

Next Steps

The next step toward digital rebranding is competitor research. Build out a spreadsheet that lists your company alongside top competitors and every digital space where they show up. You’re going to find many gaps that need to be filled. Competitor research tip: Don’t forget to use competitors who are showing up on page one of Google for industry phrases. These companies may not be on your radar as a competitor, but if they’re listed on page one of the search results for industry keywords, they are capturing a significant number of leads each month.


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