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Classy Inbound assists marketing teams (in-house teams and digital agencies), small and local businesses, and inspirational brands with all things content marketing. Our services go far beyond content creation; we have the expertise and the knowledge to launch and support full-scale inbound digital marketing, including search engine marketing, social media, PR, website creation and optimization, email marketing, and lead generation and lead nurturing. 


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Classy Inbound delivers custom content marketing services. Here's a sample of some of our advanced content specialties:

♦ Content audits, competitor analysis, strategy creation and implementation

♦ Measure and improve content marketing tactics

♦ Content planning for lead generation websites, website redesigns, or business expansions

♦ Content marketing measurement, KPI and goal setting, reporting, and optimization

♦ Content for marketing automation and sales alignment and CRM integration

♦ Content marketing for lead nurturing, reviews, and referrals

We're so much more than a content creation agency. We always look at content marketing through the lens of business growth and ROI.










I'm Markelle Sargent Harden, founder, and leader of Classy Inbound. I've worked with hundreds of brands as a digital marketing partner/consultant, a director, a strategist, and an account manager since 2006.

I understand the business goals of marketing teams and how they support business owners and leaders, sales teams, and brand reputation and growth.

Education & Experience

College: University of Pittsburgh, a long, long time ago. 

First Marketing Job: RE/MAX Elite, Chandler, Arizona

Sink or Swim Marketing Experience: In 2007, I was working as a freelance marketer for real estate agents and real estate brokerages. As Google grew, sites like Zillow, Trulia and pushed all of my agent and brokerage listings down in the search results. Combined with the housing crash of 2008, it was sink or swim time. I've been working to help companies gain business through search engines ever since, and I love it.

Connect with me on LinkedIn to learn more about my work history and expertise.



Our Style

Our Style

We are industry leaders and value collaboration, positivity, ownership of results, and action. You should be able to RELAX once you've passed a project to our team; we are adults and act like them (except on the weekends, but we'll be back to normal by Monday).

Our Vision

Our Vision

Our vision for your inbound marketing campaign is simple: SUCCEED & DELIVER ROI. We measure all of our efforts so that we can deliver the best ROI possible from digital marketing. 


Our Difference

Our Difference

"One size fits all" never works in the digital world; and we promise to take the time to learn about YOUR vision for the business, your goals, and set up your campaigns accordingly. If you're a digital marketing agency, we pledge to treat your client campaigns as if they are our own.


We use only THE BEST digital marketing tools.



  • 2017 - COMPANY START

    Classy Inbound is formed to provide content marketing support services to agencies, B2B marketing teams, and companies who wish to generate leads online.
  • 2018 - HUBSPOT

    In 2018, Markelle joined a HubSpot Platinum Partner Agency.

    Full disclosure: Before working with a HubSpot partner, she didn't think HubSpot was that special. Fast forward to 2020 (hello pandemic), and it was obvious that marketing without HubSpot, or a similar tool, is a recipe for "spreadsheet and cold call" marketing or "throw ads at the internet and see what sticks" marketing.

    If you're unsure about the value between CRM tools, automation, and aligning your sales and marketing teams, we'll be happy to show you the magic.


    Companies that are managing sales leads with Excel spreadsheets are on their way to extinction, and digital transformation becomes a necessary part of every business as they struggle to deal with the pandemic economy. Classy Inbound helps dozens of companies and marketing teams succeed.

  • 2022 - TODAY

    Business owners, marketing teams, and agency leaders can finally RELAX and take a breather. Now that Classy Inbound is helping them manage their content marketing pipelines, improve conversions, and drive revenue through lead generation, a vacation without interruption is possible. Fundraising Platform
Located in the Carolinas, United States
Location coming soon to to the greater Pittsburgh area (Laurel Highlands, Westmoreland County)
Serving Clients in the U.S., Canada, and the United Kingdom
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