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Inbound Content Marketing

Your audience is out there.
Digital content helps them find you.
Data-led strategies connect your business with ideal customers.
Classy Inbound removes barriers between you and online prospects.

The Classy Experience

Classy Inbound specializes in connecting your business with your target audience online, on every channel, in every format. Our data-led strategies ensure that your online presence delivers relevant and helpful information to prospects searching for your products or services. We work to discover and remove the barriers between a prospect's initial website visit and the sale. 

Every conversation with Classy Inbound begins with these questions:

  Who is your target audience?

  What's the profile of the most valuable client or customer within that audience? 

  How are those people most likely to search for your product or service?

  How many of those types of customers do you need to reach your business income and growth goals?

  What's the ratio of leads/customers? i.e., How many leads do you need to obtain before you turn one of them into a customer?

If you don't know the answer to those questions, we'll help you find them.

What Sets Us Apart?

By focusing on the "big picture strategy" and utilizing modern marketing tools, we believe businesses of all sizes can align business milestones with marketing metrics and performance. 

We're a strategy-first agency with a growth mindset, and businesses deserve a healthy return on content marketing investments. Translation: Every strategy is created based on competitor research, industry standards, and lead generation best practices. Checking tasks from a list is only helpful if it's following the right strategy. 

We prioritize company-owned platforms and company-owned media and digital assets. True ROI begins when owned assets and media drive leads without online ads (aka organic lead generation).


15+ Years

Search Engine Experience

Digital Strategy

Content Marketing


100+ Tools

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1000+ Campaigns

Digital PR

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Lead Generation & Nurturing


The Key to Online Lead Generation:

Website Traffic & Conversions


Why isn't your website getting enough traffic?

Six out of seven top search engine indexing problems fall under indexing and crawling,
aka the technical 'fundamentals of search.'
Does your website have technical issues?
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Clients and Experience


B2B Support: Integrate with Existing In-house Teams or Digital Agency
Local Business Specialties:
Creative Businesses: Art/Cooking, Book Stores w/events, Music, etc.
Health Services (medical, dental, mental health)
Home Services
Franchise Growth
Local Businesses (automotive, hair and nail salons, massage therapists, med spas, etc.)
Real Estate: Brokerage Offices, Real Estate Teams, Commercial Real Estate, Property Management
Vacation Rental Listings & Promotions
Wellness Services (coaching, classes)
Startup businesses with in-house admins or marketers
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