Classy Inbound Is...

A content strategy & creation partner.

Instead of using traditional boilerplate content marketing strategies, we dive into the “why” behind your content marketing goals. If you’re on the wrong track, we’ll speak up. If we see a better path to help you generate website visits, engagement, and leads, we’ll share our findings with you.  

When you work with Classy Inbound, you get a content strategy and creative partner who understands the value of marketing ROI. As your business grows, we will point you in the right direction to keep the momentum going. 


markelle sargent harden

Hi there! I’m Markelle Harden, the founder of Classy Inbound.

As a content strategist, publisher, contributor, and digital marketer, I love to “connect the dots” in a content marketing strategy. I believe ALL content should drive potential leads to see your website whenever possible.

I’ve been implementing and driving content strategy for 15 years. While working as a content marketing consultant at Classy Inbound, I’ve helped other agencies grow and take their business to the next level. I’ve been quoted in industry publications such as Search Engine WatchThe Content Marketing InstituteProwly, and more.

I’m based in the Charlotte metro area, but I’ve been working with marketing teams and clients remotely since 2006, long before Zoom became the norm.

I’m all about…


I give realistic timelines, costs, and answers to your questions. 


If a specific type of digital marketing isn’t right for your business, I’ll share my research with you.

If your current website or marketing strategy is as useless as a screen door on a submarine, I’ll tell you, but I’ll also show you how to improve.


I won’t sell content marketing services to you – I will partner with you to find the best path forward and help you implement it. 

Background and Education

Once upon a time, I was a solopreneur who believed the salespeople who told me their website, their newsletter, their direct mail campaign would power my business with leads. I remember paying top dollar for marketing promises that never delivered.

Fast forward a decade, and I spied a Google Analytics dashboard that showed the number of website visitors, the number of “conversions,” and detailed landing page reports. EUREKA! It’s possible to drive inbound marketing campaigns with data. REAL, actionable data. I’ve been a digital marketer ever since.

I’m a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh (Bachelor of Science), and I have a graduate degree in scary mid-life surprises

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